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Carmelo Alongi is a student who has just started his training at University with the London Ambulance Service to become an EMT and eventually a Paramedic. Hopefully this blog will allow an interesting insight for everyone into the process of training tomorrow's Paramedics, and a chronicle of my life as I progress. I blog under this name as a tribute to my Italian Grandfather, Carmelo Alongi.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Keep your standards high and don't let others drag you down."

First, a huge thank you to all who commented so productively towards the last post. I mean everyone, both positive and negative. Its means a great deal to me, thank you again.

Secondly, I would like to reiterate the apology towards Tom about my comment. After some considerable thought about it, the manner in which I presented the comment, and subsequent post was done in a dick-head like manner. However I think my "get out of jail free card" is that I am a newbie and as such make comments that appear stupid/misinformed/naive etc. Sorry again. I promise I'll watch my mouth a bit more.

However, I feel I must respond to anonymous' comment:

"This job is about respect and so many uni bods don't understand. Many of you prattle on about your uniforms then totally ignore the dress code...Your uniform alone does not make you an ambulance man or woman, the respect of your colleagues does. Why do you think its necessary to tell the world about yourself and how you feel..? I don't think you are doing any of your uni friends any favours by making yourself look like a big headed loud mouthed geek."

This job is not about respect. This job is about the patient. Respect might come second, but regardless of my experience we are here for the general public.
However, to say that us Uni kids don't understand respect is complete rubbish. That view is old and antiquated, and if, and that's a big if, you did bother to read through this blog you would realise just how much I do respect those with more experience than me. Not only do I respect it, but I try and learn from that experience in whatever way I can, do you think I read all these Paramedic and Tech blogs just for the fun of it? No. To learn from their anecdotes.

"Many of you prattle on..." Do not attempt to put me in a box.

As for "Why do you think its necessary to tell the world about yourself and how you feel..?"

I don't. I write this blog as a record of me growing up, if people enjoy reading about the experience then I'm delighted about that and encourage them to continue reading and commenting when they see fit. Also, couldn't you put that same argument to all the other bloggers out there?

Its not like I'm forcing you to read this by holding your family hostage or anything is it?! Geez you obviously care enough about how I feel to place a comment on here in the first place, regardless of whether you agree with my sentiment. I smell something in the air, could it be? Yes! Hypocrisy!

I don't think you are doing your colleagues any favours by making yourself look like a cowardly (hence anonymous), rude individual. Are you desperate to drive a wedge between the established crowd and Uni entrants? For Christ's sake, who's the grown up here?
All of the people I have met out on the road have been really nice, and respectful. Know why? Because I paid them the respect they were due. In the end, what really matters is how I act in the real world.

"big headed loud mouthed geek" - Sticks and stones my friend, sticks and stones.

Right. That's the end of this subject.

On to pastures new. Yesterday I did an observational shift in London in my free time (TO GAIN EXPERIENCE!), which I am still currently typing and waiting for edited approval once typed. It was a real eye opener, and I enjoyed myself immensely. The post *should* be up by the end of the weekend, until then take care y'all.

This blog used to be so light-hearted...


  • At 3:15 pm, Anonymous dianne said…

    As for anon, Carmelo, it takes great respect to put your name to something you want to spout off about. Also, like you pointed out, why is this person interested in reading then if they think blogging is all pants. lol

    Can't wait to hear about the observational shift. I wish i had an editor :~(

  • At 5:31 pm, Blogger Roses said…

    Well done on addressesing the issues raised by Anonymous. I was somewhat taken aback by his/her vitriol. I think Dianne summed it up nicely about posting anonymously.

    Let's be having the observational post then.


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